Health and safety

A key focus and priority for ATNZ is ensuring our apprentices are placed in a safe environment including the promotion of good health and wellbeing practices. This adds assurance for the apprentices that they are in a good learning environment. ATNZ has achieved ACC’s Workplace Safety Management Practices  (WSMP) to tertiary accreditation, the highest level of accreditation.


Apprentice health and safety training and education

All ATNZ apprentices complete a comprehensive induction programme. Account managers present, and take apprentices through, ATNZ’s health and safety
requirements and practices before they go to their host company. Through the induction, the apprentice will receive an apprentice handbook containing detailed health and safety sections.

The host company also takes the apprentice through their own company induction before they commence any work.

Toolbox talks have become a key tool to building health and safety communication. Account managers are supplied with talks that are discussed with each apprentice during their monthly meetings. These have been highly effective in raising awareness and passing on relevant learning and information on health and safety.


Apprentice health

The health of ATNZ apprentices is a key focus. All apprentices will complete a pre-employment medical, including a drug test, before they commence with ATNZ. Mid-term and exit medicals are also conducted whereby any abnormalities or changes can be identified, then managed accordingly. Further health initiatives are supported by offering ATNZ apprentices the opportunity to utilise the professional assistance with OCP, an employee assistance programme.


Participation and engagement

ATNZ has a Health and Safety Committee that includes a number of ATNZ apprentices from a variety of host companies and trades from across the country. The committee actively looks for ways to reduce the number, and severity, of incidents and injuries and reviews health and safety policies and  procedures and makes recommendations. The committee also undertakes projects to improve the health and safety performance and culture for ATNZ. 

Apprentice Days cover a range of topics and engage ATNZ apprentices in health and safety matters.


Partnering with other PCBUs

ATNZ’s health and safety manager works alongside host companies ensuring overlapping duties in health and safety are covered and maintained.

Under the umbrella of ATNZ, health and safety checkpoints and reviews are in place and monitored from pre-placement, duration through to completion of an apprenticeship. This ensures the focus and compliance requirements are met as well as gauging any additional support that a host company may require.

This focus provides the structure to reduce the likelihood of ATNZ apprentices being exposed to the risk of harm.