Chairman’s report

During 2018, ATNZ has continued to deliver on the strategic plan and work towards the next phase of growth. This has seen the organisation expand in size and shape, to meet the changing needs of group training schemes in New Zealand. Team development, processes and policies have been refined and updated throughout the year.

This year also saw an expansion into the automotive engineering sector in partnership with the Motor Trade Association (MTA), together with ITO support from the Motor Industry Trade Organisation (MITO). Although still in the pilot phase, we are heartened by the support of the MTA board and membership in growing recruitment and training for apprentices in their industry.

We continue to focus on the highest health and safety standards for our apprentices and host companies. The Trust committed to a dedicated health and safety manager within ATNZ and a robust strategy, policy and auditing framework. We now include both the physical and the mental wellbeing of our apprentices in our approach. The inclusion of added-value benefits for our host companies through consultation and provision of information is in the pipeline. The board is also committed to constantly updating the ATNZ team’s knowledge
of current issues and best practice.

Our financial position remains strong with a networth of $891,000, supported by our most successful annual recruitment of 160 new apprentices.

Changes within the Trust board structure during 2018 were an evolutionary step in aligning the board to best meet the needs of the ATNZ organisation for the future. As chair, I would like to thank Bill Newson and Mike Wardlaw, who stood down from the board in 2018, for their dedication, foresight and direction during the implementation of plans for ATNZ to realise its best possible results.

Susanne Martin was welcomed to the role of general manager in 2018. As an astute leader with extensive experience in developing people, managing high-performance teams and B2B relationships, she is now responsible for the management and development
of the apprentice programmes. Ms Martin joined ATNZ after senior executive roles at Crossmark and Philips in both New Zealand and Australia.

ATNZ remains committed to being an employer of choice for apprentices and providing a vital, cost-effective, customised solution for our host companies’ needs and the future of trades in our industries.

John Blakey
Chairman, ATNZ